Origami Table Base

Origami Table Base Instructions, it’s also the base for the origami table and other origami models including various stars.

Origami Table Base

Fold paper in half on both the vertical and horizontal axis. Crease well and unfold.

Fold the left and right sides to meet in the center.

Fold the top and bottom halves to meet in the center.

Unfold Step 4 on the top half.

Bring the top down and press paper flat.

Rotate paper 180 degrees

Make 2 diagonal folds as indicated. Bring the top down and press paper flat.

Fold the top left and right tips to the top.

Pry the tips open then make a squash fold by pressing paper flat.

Fold down the remaining left and right tips.

Pry tips open and make squash folds by pressing paper flat.

We’re now going to make petal folds on each of the 4 squares. Starting with the top right square, fold both sides to meet in the center.

: Make the diagonal fold. Crease well and unfold this and the previous step.

Peel back the upper layer of the square.

Fold the sides back to the center to complete the petal fold.

Repeat Steps on all the remaining 3 squares on the paper.


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