Easy Origami Tulip Folding

Create Springtime with Simple Origami Tulips. origami tulip step by step. easy origami tulip instructions

easy origami tulip flower

fold your paper on the diagonal to make a triangle.

Bring the bottom right corner up and to the right of the center point.

Repeat with the left corner, bringing it up and to the left of the center point.

Flip the paper over. Fold the side and bottom points in just a bit, to create a more rounded tulip shape.

Now fold the tip down slightly and your tulip flower is almost complete.

Now we focus on the bottom tip. Make a fold about 2 cm from the bottom tip, crease well and open back up.

Now we will make an inside reverse fold. Open the paper slightly. Push and Press the tip inside – having the crease helps here. Press the paper down.

Start with origami paper color side down. Make a fold along the center diagonal and open back up.

Fold the right side towards the center crease.

Now fold the left side towards the center crease.

Now bring the left side over to the right, folding the entire paper in 2.

Put them both together and you get your easy origami tulip!


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