Origami Tiger

If you’re interested in folding animals, you’ll love making an origami tiger.

Origami Tiger

Start by making the head of the origami cow.

Right before you fold the ears forward, stop.

At the same time, we will flatten (broaden) the tiger’s face, with our thumb and fingers

You may prefer a small piece of tape between the ears to hold them in place.

Now crease and tear off about half of the lower part of the tiger’s neck.

Unfold the torn part and lay it flat; we’ll use it to make the tiger’s tail.

Now start rolling the paper diagonally, from one corner.

The paper tube will be fairly flexible. Bend it into a gentle “S” shaped curve to form the tiger’s tail.

Place the tiger’s head and tail into the body (we used tape). Now decorate with pens and markers if you like.

decorated origami tiger; stripes made with black marker


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