origami shrimp instructions

Origami Shrimp Folding Instructions,This origami shrimp is fairly easy to make, origami lobster step by step.

Origami Shrimp Folding Instructions

Fold a piece of square origami paper along the diagonal, as shown below, then unfold.

resulting in a kite

Next fold the long edges of the kite towards the centerline.

Then fold the short edges to the centerline.

to form a simple pleat fold. Flip the model over, and cut a small hole where shown:

Flip the model over again, and unfold back to the kite.
Now cut narrow triangular strips,

Now re-fold the shrimp, and slip the ends of the feelers through the hole.

Now make another pleat fold in the body of the shrimp:

Do four (4) more pleat folds as shown. The fold the shrimp in half

At each pleat fold, re-crease the fold to create a curve in the body.


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