Origami Love Boat

We called this the origami love boat because it is a boat, It’s a simple and cute origami!

Origami Love Boat

Fold paper in half on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Crease well and unfold.

Fold both bottom right and left corners to meet in the center. Crease well and unfold.

Now fold both right and left sides to meet in the center. But do not crease the entire length of the paper.

This is because the heart will be formed on the lower half of the paper. And we do not want to add unnecessary creases to the heart portion.

Make the 2 diagonal folds . Then bring the 2 sides towards the center, squash and press paper flat on the edges.

Make the 2 diagonal creases on the upper half . Then fold the top down and press paper flat to form a “roof”.

Fold point. To flatten the paper, we need to make 2 squash folds on the ends.

Make 2 squash folds, one on each side.

A few finishing touches…..Make 2 diagonal folds.

Fold down the tips.

The origami love boat stands nicely….


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