origami pig easy

origami pig step by step, This is a fairly straight-forward origami pig.

Origami Pig

Now, fold both halves to meet the crease in the center:

Fold the paper in half again, this time from right to left.

Open it back up:

Fold both halves to meet the center crease like so:

Pry open the top left corner:

Repeat the fold for the other 3 corners – top right, bottom right and bottom left. All 4 triangles meet in the center:

Now, lift up half the right side from the center:

and fold it over:

Bring the left tip over to meet the dash line shown in the picture below:

Repeat the fold for the right tip, bringing the right tip to meet the crease:

Make a slight crease on the right side and make an inside reverse fold:

and do another inside reverse fold, this time pressing the fold down.

Origami Pig standing Photo

origami pig easy


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