origami robin bird

Origami birds with wings are usually more complex than this, but this bird is very easy to fold.

Origami Robin

Fold it into a triangle.

Fold it in half to make another triangle:

Pry open the corner:

and bring the corners together to make a square:

Flip the paper over and repeat the step above for the other side:

Now turn the paper slightly so that you see a “diamond” shape. Fold the sides to meet the center crease:

Fold the sides to meet the at the center and press down:

Fold the top tip down to meet the bottom tip:

Flip the paper over and repeat the last step on the other side:

Now, fold it in half away from you.

Use a pair of scissors and cut approx 1.5″ along the crease:

Fold it up to make the wing:

and your origami robin is done!


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