how to make an origami horse

Learn how to make a cute Origami Pony! easy origami horse instructions. horse origami step by step.

Origami Horse

Fold the paper in half and then unfold it.

Now fold corners to the centerline to form a kite

Then fold corners to the centerline.

Push the paper flat into two Rabbit Ear Folds forming a Fish Base.

Then put your index finger in one of the pockets just created, and make a squash fold

Repeat on the other side, then fold the piece in half along the long centerline:

Next crease along , in preparation for an inside reverse fold to form the neck of the horse:

Now do another inside reverse fold to form the head of the horse, followed by one more to form the mouth:

Then do an outside reverse fold to form the front legs

Then do an outside reverse fold to form the back legs


An inside fold at the tip of the back legs forms the hooves. Use pen / pencil / markers to add eyes and a mane to the horse.


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