Origami Tulip

This origami tulip is a classic. origami tulip step by step, It uses one piece of paper for the petals, another for the leaf and stem.

Origami Tulip

Make the traditional origami square base.

Now fold the right and left corners into the center, and unfold again to make crease lines.

Now fold the right and left corners to the crease lines that you made in the previous step.

Now fold the lower edges onto the centerline.

Now hold the bottom pointed corner in one hand, and use the fingers of the other hand to open the tulip bulb.

Now we move on to the leaf and stem.

Use a piece of green origami paper

Now fold the top and left edges onto the centerline, making a kite.

Then the lower edges of the kite are folded to the centerline, creating a diamond.

Fold the diamond in half lengthwise.

Then fold edge

fold the edge back as well.

Now unfold

then flip the piece over and fold the edge back as well.

Now take the top of the leaf and bend it backwards and down a bit.

Insert the yellow bulb all the way into the pocket.


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