origami snake instructions

Learn how to fold an origami snake with us! It’s fun and simple, all you need is a square piece of paper.

How to make an Origami Snake

Start with a square of origami paper. Fold it in two, down the center, then tear along the crease.

square paper converted to rectangle by tearing

You now have a rectangle. Start at one corner of the rectangle, and begin rolling the paper into a tube.

Near the end of the roll, you will need to roll the other corner of the paper in towards the main roll. Make that roll tight also.

Tighten the roll by holding one end in each hand, and twisting (gently!) in opposite directions.

Now take your origami tube, and gently shape it into a series of curves.

when you’re finished folding your snake, you should draw a cool design on him (or her)!

completed origami snake


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