Origami Rose

How to make origami rose paper flowers. This beautiful origami rose is the best gift for a loved one! Giving a rose that you have folded yourself is a gesture of pure love and devotion.

Origami Rose

triangle fold and open back up.

Fold the right and left sides to the center crease. The end result is called a kite base.

Fold the right and left flap down like so.

Flip the paper over. Fold the bottom tip up to meet the top.

Fold the top half down on the dash line shown below.

Make a small mountain fold

Flip the paper over. The flower part is complete.

Make a shawl or triangle fold again and open back up.

Now fold both halves on the right side to meet the center crease, resulting in what’s called a diamond base.

Now fold the entire paper in half.

One last fold

Put both the flower and stalk together. Your easy origami rose is complete!


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