origami pop up star

How to make a pop up from origami stars

origami pop up star

Flip paper over. Fold along the vertical and horizontal axis. Crease well and unfold.

Flip paper over again.

Fold all 4 tips to meet in the center.

Fold the top half down to meet the bottom half.

Now bring the line AF over to meet AD. The whole unit should form a square like a square base actually.

Now make a petal fold.

Fold the flap down in half.

Flip paper over.

Now comes the fun part. Fold up the top flap slightly. In doing so you’ll see 2 flaps, one on the right and one on the left. Pull these 2 flaps in opposite direction.

As you spread the left and right flaps apart, your paper begins to transform and your origami pop-up star emerges!


origami star

origami heart with wings

origami star

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