Origami Lily with Stem

How to fold origami lily stem, Here we make a simple but non-traditional stem so that you can display your origami lily.

how to fold origami lily stem

Start with an origami paper color side up. Fold along one diagonal. Crease well and unfold.

Now fold both the right and left side to meet the crease in the center.

From the top, fold both the right and left sides to meet the crease in the center.

Rotate the paper 90 degrees counter clockwise.

Once you’ve made those creases, you can bring the right side of the paper up and folding the paper in half at the same time.

Now it’s just a matter of taping them together. Place one of the folded paper between the other. Use double-sided tape to tape them together.

You will need to cut the tip of your origami lily so that it can fit onto the stem.


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