Origami Heart with Wings

Heart with Wings is a cute origami model which will make your darling’s heart flutter and fly. origami heart printable instructions

Origami Heart with Wings

Fold the paper in half, top to bottom, then unfold.

Fold in half again, left to right, then unfold.

Fold the bottom half in half by folding to the center crease.

Fold both the right and left sides to the center.

on the upper layers only. This means that we’ll be opening up the paper somewhat.

Refold the paper using the existing diagonal creases and press paper flat.

Make 2 small diagonal folds . Crease well and unfold.

Flip paper over.

Fold down the top layer

Make 2 diagonal folds on the upper layer only.

Fold up the bottom part to form a “boat shape”.

Make 2 small digonal folds at the top.

Here’s the defining moment of this origami. We’re going to make pleated folds, or also called accordion folds.

Hold on to the center of the pleats while gently pulling down both sides to form an inverted “V”.

Make 2 small horizontal folds at the top to complete this origami.



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