Origami Flapping Butterfly

origami butterfly instructions step by step, Origami Flapping Butterfly.

Origami Flapping Butterfly

Fold the paper in half, in half, and in half again.

Fold 3 of those segments on top of 3 others, then fold 2 of them over the other 1, such that one hangs out.

Do the same thing horizontally , using the lines perpendicular to the ones you just folded on, and do the same for the other side.

Fold one of the double layers corners up.

Do this for the other 6 corners.

Unfold the corner, push in and under, then flatten

On one of the sides that doesn’t have a pocket, nor is elevated, lift up one of the segments, and tuck it under.

Turn to the other side, and do the same.

Then turn to one of the sides with a pocket and that is elevated, and tuck the side in.



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