origami basket easy

origami paper baskets.Use it to hold sweets, loose change, or anything light and small.

origami basket easy

Follow instructions for the origami diamond star.

Fold the upper layer of the square in half on the diagonal. Crease well and unfold.

Fold the bottom tip of the square to meet the crease line. Crease well and unfold.

Make a diagonal fold again, this time the crease line should be in between the 2 other creases you’ve already made.

We now need to fold a second sheet of paper.

Now use one square from the second sheet of paper and tuck it in between 2 squares on the first sheet of paper.

Make the horizontal fold and tuck the tip under the yellow square.

Time to transform our flat paper into a 3D object! Push down in the middle of the paper and straighten the sides to complete the basket! Pinch the corners to help straighten the sides.

We need to make a handle for the basket. You can use half a sheet of origami paper for the handle.

Now tuck the handle into the “pockets” at opposite ends of the basket.

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